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Hi! I'm Faith, a serious Host.

Prestigious Talk Show: It's all about reaching the world through Sound Information, Women Empowerment, Motivation, Morals, Culture & Education. 

Faith Adodo is a Nigerian born Canadian. She is the CEO and founder of the Prestigious Talk Show based in Toronto, Canada. Faith is currently a Teaching Assistant and a Ph.D. student in Gender Feminist and Women's Studies at York University. She is a big advocate for education. Faith believes in empowering and supporting people by giving them the right tools that will help them in achieving their goals and purpose in life. Faith believes in the inclusion, equality, and empowerment of different marginalized groups in our society. Her passion is focused on women and youth from the African community. Faith has used her show as a platform to help and support different immigrant women, including those from the Nigerian community, to achieve their educational goals. Faith was selected as one of the Top 100 women to watch in Canada in 2017. 
Faith wants all women to always remember they are not alone and to walk by faith, not by sight. 

If you would like to share your story or be a guest speaker, please email us prestigioustalkshow@gmail.com

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Prestigious Fittzings is the umbrella company for all “Prestigious” communications, entertainment, and multimedia outlets. Its heart is Christ-centered with a passion for giving the community a platform for their voices. Our goal is to elevate, empower, and inspire a world of change by connecting people with the right tools and resources that will inspire growth and well being. We will also bring awareness to common barriers and shine a light on the areas that need it most in hopes of supporting the black community with the prestige it deserves.



 Problem Statement


One of the biggest problems the black community faces is its conversation which is predominately much more negative than it should be. Far too often we see the success of another and immediately criticize, put down, or react with disbelief. Sadly, bad news travels much further and faster than good news. This rumour mill makes it difficult to see positive things that really thrive within the black community and to find true supporters and help in the areas that are needed most.


In order to change the conversation, the black a community needs a multimedia outlet that is not afraid to speak the truth, bridging real-life gaps within the black community while providing tools and resources to empower and inspire change.

Pink Blossom