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Tech Media Neecee Lexy CEO And Founder On Prestigious Talk Show

A Girl With Dreams Become A Woman With Vision.

This week, we have one of Toronto's most promising Tech Media power female, a Digital Marketing expert and Media Influencer on the studio sharing her incredible story.

Neecee Lexy is Podcaster, Kinesiologist, and brilliant Digital Marketing strategist working with companies both in USA & Canada.

For years, Lexy has been working in Canada's Art & Entertainment industry as a Celebrity event PR, Media coordinator, Fashion model, Red Carpet Mediator, Music Video stylist while completing her undergrad degree in Health Science.

Due to her excellent work ethic, networking, and expert insights for detail, she established a household name under the LEXYNELLE REVEUR brand. She has been contributing the growth force to African-Canadian fashion and entertainment media with her marketing skills. She is among the fewest East African-Canadian ladies to launch her blog Neecee Lexy. Her blog medium gives spaces for both established and upcoming entrepreneurs and artists to share their stories. She had taught over 100+ individuals Digital Marketing strategists while helping them establish a career shift in marketing. Plus, she continues to inspire, share knowledge and give spaces to youth around the globe to thrive on developing their brand.


NEECEE LEXY is a media influence via her LIVE Interview with NEECEE LEXY, where she brings talented artists, business owners, CEOs weekly. She shows airs on youtube every Thursday. Plus, it's available as audio on all live streaming podcast platforms, including Spotify, Amazon Music Podcast, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Radio Public, etc.

Since starting her journey as a model at 15, she has been featured in many news outlets, fashion shows, radios both in Canada & USA. Her work speaks for itself. You can see more on her website at www.neeceelexy.com

IIn 2022, she was named among the top 50 Canadian women to watch out for by BizFashion Magazine in Canada. She is also featured in several university and colleges events in Canada.


Here is the highlight of the LIVE interview with Prestigious Talk Show with NEECEE LEXY.

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"I wanted to change the narrative of own female companies, C level roles, and leadership positions after taking a business class which only showed limited numbers of female CEOs within fortunate 500 companies in the world." - Neecee Lexy


We had a chance to sit down with NEECEE LEXY, the CEO & Founder of the Lexynelle Reveur brand and NEECEE LEXY Creative Digital Agency. She is very well known as a social media influencer within the tech marketing space and business development. Neecee Lexy is a techy savvy boss lady known as Podcaster, Fashion Designer, Celebrity Stylist, and former Fashion Week Runway model.

She shares her journey as an entrepreneur and some of her early day's inspiration getting into the business. Plus, you get to hear great wisdom on how she keeps herself motivated to stay ahead of hype and social media trend without distractions.


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